Flight Zurich-Vienna-Bangkok Business Class


new seat, single type, fully flat


DO & CO provides Inflight Chefs to prepare meals


Vienna Airport


dessert and fruit service after dinner

OS flight 25

Austrian B772 (1998)


Schlumberger Sekt ZRH-VIE

Inflight Chef with bread basket

Flying chef with bread basket


forward section


VIE Business Class Lounge (too bright for 1030pm)


little shopping


After take off table set up


Dinner, italian crespelle with tomato sauce


OS special: freshly prepared fried eggs with ham


a special coffee menu is available

This was my first flight since OS changed their business class seats. They are fully flat, state of the art, air cushioned and large TV-style screen (touch function or handset with sensor mouse)

Boarding in VIE was chaotic. There is a very small boarding area where everybody has to make a 180° turn first to go to the gate, then another 180° turn to go down a very small escalator down the jetbridge. They tried to make a premium-C-class boarding, which failed as there were more than 200 Y class pax standing there and getting through them was impossible. I now know where the expression “cattle class” comes from. It was like a stampede.

I was glad to be on board. Happy about my seat and time to relax. Inflight Service was very good and attentive as always.

Dinner service started quickly. Table set up with a drink, then choice of 3 first courses (1 meat (Tafelspitz), 1 fish and a soup (red lentil, yummy) served from a trolley)

Hot Meal, then dessert (choice of 3) fresh fruit and cheese

A small shortcoming were the reading lights which did not work on the entire AB side (probably just a glitch) and the Airshow Main Screen was kept on bright during the entire night rest.

Nice blanket and pillow (including linen for cushion and linen to cover up the seat for sleeping) a very nice treat

Got a good night’s sleep and a quick breakfast with freshly prepared fried eggs which were a real highlight. So far the only airline in the world which serves fresh fried eggs in C-Cl. Landing cards were given out inflight but NO fast track cards. That is a bit of a let down.

All in all a very pleasant experience from the start of the trip in ZRH to landing in BKK. (Mobile check in worked perfectly)


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