The hotel Nikko Düsseldorf is located within easy reach of the city center, the main train station and within a 15 minutes drive from Düsseldorf airport. (At the japanese quartier)
The hotel has a capacity of 393 guest rooms and suites furnished in comfortable and minimalist style. Non smoking rooms are available and also specially equipped rooms for disabled guests. In 2018 the hotel Nikko was completely renovated. The fully equipped SKY SPA on the 11th floor of the first class hotel Nikko Dusseldorf is available to recover while you enjoy the view over Dusseldorf from the penthouse pool on the 11th floor. They are also offering massage or cosmetic treatments. (Closed at the time of my visit)

The culinary offer is multicultural. Japanese high quality cuisine is served at the  Benkay Teppanyaki Restaurant. International and Japanese breakfasts as a buffet is offered in the Traveller’s restaurant. Cocktails and Drinks are available at the Lobby bar as well as self-service convenience store for the most desired products for travellers including coffee facilities.  
I visited the hotel during the Corona pandemic. Mask obligation in the premises of the hotel and the front desk was separated with a plexiglas wall,  the like you find them at airports, pharmacies and other places with hight public frequency. 

I stayed in a newer “deluxe” room which was spacious but minimal. Due to the Corona pandemics certain amenities were removed. For instance there were no glasses in the bathroom (not even plastic ones) no coffee pads, spoons, sugar or cream even though the coffee maker was still placed in the room. (Should have been removed completely or full stock it). However I have ordered a coffee maker and it was delivered promptly. There were no water bottles provided or any kind of personal touch. Everything seemed to be working on a very minimal recuded level. This made me decide not to try the breakfast at the hotel as I guess it would be minimal too. The price for the breakfast was not reduced, but the hotel overnight rates were very compatible and fair. 

The staff that I have met were friendly, efficient but again no personal touch or feeling here. All in all my experience at the Nikko Hotel Düsseldorf was ok.