The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur targets mainly on Business Travelers. Great location and easy to reach. The best part of the hotel is their staff. Everybody is very polite and will adress you with your name every time they meet you. The service from the door man to the personal butler as well as the charming pool staff is very personal and professional. The hotel has a certain age but it is well maintained. Pools are very small but the Spa area features a nice little rest area to relax, a corner to have a light meal, a lounge with a TV to relax, a gym, a steam room, sauna and jacuzzi.

A very good place to stay in KL!



1. How do the social media change the booking behavior of your guests?
The effect of the social media on the booking behavior I would say is not direct. But indirectly it effects in so far that the potential guest have more access on information, previous guest feedback, but especially also have a very quick and informal way to contact representatives from a hotel. Further to that, the guest sees in what way the social media is used by the resort, by followers and by previous guests. All this results in a much shorter termed booking than in the past, but also in a much more informed arrival guest.
2. How many people book online through your website? (ca percentage)
Approx. 32% in 2013. Direct bookings are the most interesting booking category and the goal of each hotel is to increase direct bookings since the cost of obtaining is the lowest. For us it became already after 5 years of operation our strongest category, but of course we still keeping going to achieve 100% occupancy and 100% of it direct.
3. How many people book through travel agents or packages?

In 2013 we had 31% of our bookings through wholesale. Wholesale is not cheap but also very important since all relies on recommendations through wholesaler.

4. How important do you think that social media / blogs are important in the future? (next generation)

This answer goes approximately in the same direction as answer no. 1. It is getting more and more important to be strongly present on social media, online articles or blogs. The new generation doesn’t get their information anymore from books, brochures or magazines but all online. Further to that they don’t decide their holidays anymore based on a description with a picture in a travel magazine. The new generation will gather as much information as possible and then decide based on recommendation of friends, circle of acquaintances or travel writers.

5. How important are the social media to “yourself”? Are you using them for work and / or privately?
Social media has quite a high importance to me privately and for work. I use it frequently for both at the same time since in this industry private and work flow a kind like together.



I have stayed at the Andara Resort and Villas a few times now and I remain enthusiastic about the facilities and the personalised service.

I stayed in a 3 bedroom terrace suite which is 241 sq.m. and includes well appointed bedrooms, an equally impressive living and dining area with stylish western kitchen opening to an outdoor terrace enjoying views of the Andaman Sea. Fabrics and silk custom designed from Jim Thompson are complimented by a Bose surround sound system,  55 inch LCD TV and complimentary wi-fi.

SIlk Restaurant & Bar restaurant is a Phuket favourite for hotel guests and visitors alike. With the recent addition of “La Seta”, an Italian eatery, the food variety is even wider and offers a great choice of Italian favourites including pizzas cooked fresh from an original pizza oven. The quality and taste of all meals that I had was excellent. 

The pool is 40 meters long and cold towels as well as water and face spray are provided. Andara Resort resort also offers a separate section on nearby Kamala Beach which can reached by a free shuttle service on demand. Hotel staff are on hand at the beach and offer towels, beach-mats and cold water.

The staff at the resort are very attentive and always provide a distinguished service. Management is very visible and always ready to help and assist in any possible way. 

I enjoyed my recent stay at the Andara Resort very much and would highly recommend it for the stylish traveller.



approaching Zurich Airport

THAI A340-600

Thai Airways International - Airbus A340-642 - HS-TNF - 3657 NET

Take-off at LSZH


cabin view C-Class


recliner seat


pre-dinner snacks


main dish, beef goulash


seating chart


first course tray


cheese and fruit


small dessert


early morning breakfast tray


empty C-Class cabin



ZRH-BKK Business Class

THAI Airways currently operates 6 A340-600 aircrafts. They operate flights from Bangkok to Zurich, Frankfurt and London.

My flight left Zurich with a good 1 hour delay as a cargo door could not be closed properly. Info given by the captain was sufficent, while the Inflight Manager was nowhere to be seen. (This is the case on most TG flights, IM are invisible during the entire flights, and i have been flying in F,C and Y)

No german announcements were played.

Inflight Service: THAI Airways offers a solid product. Catering ex ZRH was excellent as always and the service was efficient. Food and amenties are of a good quality. The inflight service standards are good but a bit dated. There has never been a change made in the last 15 years. However there were only 10 Pax in C-class today and 6 F/A available so the service was swift and friendly.

The flight was generally very empty. TG is loosing a lot of passengers to the middle east airlines. An improvement of the website and marketing activities are urgently needed.

The A340-600 features a 170° degr recliner seat. It is comfortable but i am hoping for a flat seat in the future.

Breakfast was nice and pleasant. A hot choice would have been also available.

Fast Track cards for immigration in BKK are not been given out anymore, but the fast track channel is still available if you are able to find it.

All in all, THAI offers a good product, but little improvements or updates would be nice.