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A prestigious hotel with a proud history
There are many tales to tell about Les Trois Rois. The guest book reads like a “Who’s who” of world history. Napoleon, Elizabeth II, Pablo Picasso, Thomas Mann and many other leading figures have enjoyed the hotel’s legendary hospitality. And this will remain so as long as the Three Kings adorn the facade: Basel’s Grand Hotel will continue to be a home from home for many famous guests.

Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois (English: Hotel of the Three Kings) in Basel, until 1986 usually identified by its German-language name, Hotel drei Könige, is sometimes cited as one of Switzerland’s oldest hotels. It is located on the left bank of the Rhine, a few paces downstream of the city’s first bridge across the river.

Long tradition and much luxury distinguish this hotel. From the moment you arrive and your car is valet-parked to the moment you leave you always feel pampered. Check-in was extremly fast and by the time we arrived at the room the bags were already put in the room. (within less than 4 minutes). A great view over the rhine river and all most modern features are available. There is a floor heater in the chic bathroom, all high-tech B&O music and TV equipment, a free minibar, free internet and much more. The bar was voted to Basel’s most popular bar in 2015.

There are 2 restaurants, the Brasserie which offers a wide choice of swiss and french food with a great view (14 gaut-millau points) suits all tastes. The Cheval Blanc with Chef Peter Knogl just reached it’s 3rd Michelin Star as well as 19 gaut-millau points is probably the best french haute cuisine restaurants in Basel. A enormous wine selection and a cigar lounge are also available.

The Les Trois Rois Grand Hotel in Basel is the finest hotel the city has to offer with world class service, fantasic staff and a beautiful view day and night.

I can highly recomend the hotel for a wonderful stay in Basel. (Prepare to book early during the watch fairs)








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