B787-8 Dreamliner


Cabin view : config: 1-2-1 fishbone, 22 seats


PJ and amenity kit


Premium Terminal DOH Airport


entry to premium terminal


full dinner buffet


large lounge area


full bar, full coffee and tea bar


table set dining area


take off Doha


info screen


Iphone style handset, very easy to handle


after take-off drink and amuse geule


short meal – a nice cauliflower soup


very nice desserts, 2 sorts of ice cream with fresh berries


breakfast à la carte, opted for fruit plate


and delicious berry crepe


love the mood light


I was reluctant to take a flight with transit in the middle east for a long time. But then again, reading so much about QR 5-star rating, i was ready to try.

It was a fantastic experience. (more than compensated for the 2hour stop at Doha)

Check-in reminder was sent a day before by SMS. Done so on the mobile and worked without problems for both flights.

Quick stop at the checkin desk to pick up the fast track card.

BKK-DOH: B-777-300ER with 24 C-class seats.

Nice seating 2-2-2 welcome drink quickly served.

Dinner ex BKK was very nice, but i did not eat much. Luxurious wines and 2 kinds of champagne. Comfy seat.

Unfortunately the new DOH airport is not yet open. The original date was set to be April 2013. (No new opening date known yet)

Minibus transport to the Premium terminal, very quick security and then upstairs to the huge lounge, with different seating areas for dining, relaxing, quiet, or lounging. Full dinner buffet with full bar and full coffee- and tea bar. Everything in a very good shape and spotlessly clean and maintained. It was quiet busy and full as many flights at the same time to make the hub system work.

DOH-ZRH: B-787-8 Dreamliner

Brand new aircraft. Nice fishbone seating 1-2-1 very spacious.

Swift after take-off drinks, followed by an short individual à la carte service. I chose only a soup which was very tasty and served with small apero flutes and a little breadbasked.

IFEN is great. Lots of choices and easy-to-use Iphone type handset.

Breakfast was served indivually. Nice fruit platter and a crèpe with fresh berries.

There is a big “lounge” area with magazines, flowers where it is possible to have a chat with another passenger or just walk around a bit without disturbing anyone.

The cabin crew was mixed asians, east european and an american steward. Very professional but low-key. (Guess that is company policy not the get too much involved with the Pax)

It was a pleasant, very enjoyable experience. Value for money is excellent.

Would fly QR again any time.


Update October 2015 A380 Upper Deck and Al Mourjhan Lounge at Hamad Airport in Doha

Doh-Bkk-Doh in the A380:

Inflight service is as usual on a very high level with a large upperdeck bar where all available drinks and snacks are available. There is a lounge seating and a bar for standing. Everything is very luxury and i met only very professional and charming flight attendants.

The Al-Mourjan Business Class Lounge at Doha’s Hamad Intl Airport:

The Al-Mourjan Lounge is the biggest business class lounge that I have ever seen. Its design is absolutely stunning and the food and beverage service offers are excellent with luxury champagnes and wines and several food outlets. There is a full service restaurant, a bar, several tea/coffee and snack outlets and an area with hot sandwiches, hot soups and others snacks which are served to the table all decorated in white marble.

There is a huge lounge seating area and a more business style area where every seat has a power outlet, a bottle of water and a cookie waiting for the guest. Rest room facilities are superb and there is a gaming room for the younger generation.


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