March 2017

Configuration 8/56/28/189


Online check-in with seat selection was fast and efficient. No waiting time at the baggage drop counter at JFK airport. The LH lounge at JFK airport has a very bright ambiance and enjoys wonderful tarmac views. It was a sunny afternoon and “action” passing by is very nice to see. There is a darker more quiet area with relaxing chairs. The food and beverage offering was nothing to write home about and pretty much standard fare for modern airport lounges these days.

Boarding went fast as the passenger load was light. The well-known LH window/aisle seats are great if you travel as a couple, while the middle seats are better if you travel alone. The window seat is difficult to get out from when the passenger next to you is sleeping. (Avoid row 10 as the seats are installed between 2 toilets and the purser work station; and the galley curtains constantly get in your way.

Service was nice and pleasant. The food was delicious. (Flight attendant told us that new catering company is delivering its food to LH starting this March). Breakfast was served on an “all-on-one” tray which was perfectly fine on this 7 hour flight with early morning arrival into MUC.

The new midfield passenger terminal at MUC airport is quite convenient for connecting passengers, as many European flights depart directly from there so the distances are very short. For Munich passengers it takes a bit longer to get to the exit and the baggage claim area.

Verdict: Pleasant flight with a solid product and the usual Lufthansa quality and efficiency.


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