The Legend Chiang Rai is a contemporary Thai Lanna style resort located on the Mae Kok River in Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand. The resort is secluded from central Chiang Rai, yet is only a few minutes drive from the city centre. The grand architecture of The Legend Chiang Rai gives the feeling of a quiet tranquil resort hotel where time seems to stand still. The property has a panoramic view of the surrounding hills and mountains. The riverside location is rich with large rainforest trees and lush tropical vegetation. Facilities and services are offered with Thai charm and hospitality. The Legend is also the only hotel in Chiang Rai which offers large-size pool villas (1 or 2 bedroom villas are available).

I stayed in a 2 bedroom pool villa during off-season. Shortly before my stay I received an e-mail regarding planned construction work going on in the near vicinity of the pool villa. When checking back with the management they assured me that there would be no noise and ongoing work during my stay. They kept up to the promise and work was disrupted. I found that to be a good solution and was very happy about it.

The pool villa was quite large, with 2 full size bedrooms and 2 oversized bathrooms. Even though this is an older resort everything is very well maintained. The pool was cleaned daily and the gardens were kept clean and well manicured. There was a large main pool as well and a small gym was available. Breakfast was served daily at the al-fresco dining restaurant with river view and the choice was adequate. I also had room service twice and one dinner at Wine Casa. All the food was delicious.

The Legend Chiang Rai is Thai-owned and operated and I found all staff members were professional and friendly. The front office staff as well as the GM interacted nicely with the guests and I felt at home and comfortable at all times. Little problems such as electric glitches with the door operating system were solved quickly and efficiently.

In my opinion, the Legend Chiang Rai is a very good choice to stay in the city centre and offers a tranquil and restful place to relax and unwind.


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