The Hyatt Regency Delhi has been a high standard hotel for many years. It is particularly famous and popular for its restaurants which have a good reputation and are very busy every day. From my experience, I can say that all meals that I had at the Hyatt Regency Delhi were delicious and the staff were always friendly and polite.

I stayed in a standard room which was very clean and well kept. The best asset was the mobile air purifier which was placed in the room. With temperatures of more than 45 degrees Celsius outside and generally bad air quality, this gadget is most welcomed. It can be set to purify the air, it can humidify the air, or it can be put into “aroma therapy” mode which is intended to diffuse aromas such as eucalyptus, ocean breeze or lavender. I have tried all features, I guess it worked all right, while the aroma therapy was not really noticeable. But I like the idea of having it in the room.

Rooms have the usual amenities and housekeeping did a good job to keep the room tidy and even a shoe shine service was performed during the room cleaning which I felt was  a nice touch.

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