Directly opposite check-in 1 is the Capsule Hotel Alpine Garden with 144 capsules in 8 bedrooms, separate bathrooms, a small spa area with 2 hot tubs and a café area for breakfast, drinks and snacks or just to relax.

This airport hotel is ideal for late arriving tourists and business people, holiday travellers who have no connection to the airport in the morning, stand-by crews, delayed transfer passengers and so on. For these guests there are currently only very expensive overnight accommodation close to the airport. An urban budget solution with a cool vibe is completely missing. 
Concept: The Capsule Hotel at Zurich Airport is built around the influencer and nature photographer Fabio Zingg. He has a billiant eye when it comes to showing the “hidden treasures” of the Alps. This creates an experience in an Alpine Garden Industrial Design Style. Integrated into this hotel, gastronomy, co-working and meeting rooms meet each other where guests can inspire themselves, exchange ideas together and relax.

The new Capsule Hotel is built in a space of 1000m2 in a very central location and comprises 144 sleeping capsules. The Swiss Capsule™, meet the highest standards. Individually air-conditioned, they ensure that the air is not mixed. The sleeping capsules are individually lockable and soundproofed, so that guests can enjoy the greatest possible privacy in the smallest of spaces.

Integrated into the hotel, a meeting zone is created for hotel guests and other guests. Fine delicacies, good coffee and local beers invite you to linger at a spacious bar. The concept is rounded off by individually designed workstations, creative and affordable meeting rooms and a souvenir shop with special products.

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