Interview with Mr. Nick Yarnell, Hotel Manager @ Four Seasons Marrakech


Here are the 5 Questions I would like to ask you to add to my blog

1. How do the social media change the booking behavior of your guests? More and more business is coming from OTAs and our Mobile site which is a direct result of Four Seasons efforts in all Social Media channels, with great actions like Pin.Pack.Go on Pinterest that are innovative and guest focused and very shareable with friends. 

2. How many people book online through your website? (ca percentage) 12% of our business came via website in 2013, up from 7% in 2012

3. How many people book through travel agents or packages? 
31% of our business comes via our worldwide travel agent partners 

4. How important do you think that social media / blogs are important in the future?  (next generation) Extremely importnat to us and Four Seasons. We are the first luxury hotel company that included real time Tripadvisor quotes on each hotel's website, so it is very important for us to ensure our Tripadvisor score is high. Same with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest where we have dedicated employees at each hotel to monitor and create content. We also signed up for an ORM (Online Reputation Management) site like Revinate to monitor everything that is said about us on Social Media. 

5. How important are the social media to "yourself"? Are you using them for work and / or privately? Very important for business and personal life. Very connected with travel agents and clients on FB and engaged in all other social media channels on a regular daily basis. 

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