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The Atlantic Kempinski Hotel was built in 1909 and was planned to host the guest of the big ocean cruise liners which were departing from Hamburg over the north atlantic. He hotel has a very interesting history and is an icon for the city of Hamburg.

I arrived from the airport by train and the hotel is only a few minutes way from the Hauptbahnhof.

Check-in was very swift and friendly. The room was beautifully decorated and i especially liked the high ceilings which were everywhere to be found in the hotel.

The hotel features everything you expect from a 5* hotel. There is also a Nespresso coffee maker available in the room. Great idea, i loved it.

Breakfast is served in the Alstersalon, a very nice restaurant with a nice view. The buffet is very rich and and luxury and you will find everything that you heart might desire in the morning.

The hotel has a beautiful bar as well, all decorated in the maritim theme which you find everywhere in the hotel. The maritim style decorations and the fascinating history make the hotel very special. Staff are extremly friendly throughout the hotel.

I had the very special opportunity the have a look behind the scene which was fascinating and exciting and saw some memorabilia of past days.

The hotel also features the Atlantic Restaurant, a very chic place which is open for lunch and dinner.

A private movie theater is also available for small groups.

I loved my stay at the Atlantic and recommend it to everybody who likes a old-style grand-hotel with a perfect location and a superb service.


  1. Jenny

    Jennifer.. thanks travelmanager. I will book the Atlantic for my summer vacation in europe. Keep the reviews coming.. 🙂

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