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This is the my first flight with the new B-748 which Lufthansa operates in 3 different versions. I was sitting in the main cabin lower deck which seems very spacious. The new seats are fully flat and very comfortable. The upper deck seems rather narrow with a 2/2 seating arrangement and unless you are traveling as a couple or with a companion I would not recommend to sit upstairs. Your neighbor always have to climb over you, or you have to climb over your neighbor which could be rather annoying. The pillows are nice and soft and the blankets are standard. I felt very comfy in the seat and I also slept very well.

Upon boarding in Mexico they served Margaritas as welcome drinks. I thought it was a great idea and a nice treat.

The service in C-class on LH is rather basic. They start with a cocktail service and a small package of nuts. No choice of first course, but including a fresh salad. A choice of 3 hot meals are available. The presentation of the hot meals is not very nice and not business class like. (3 meals stacked on top of each other with the alu-lids still in place) Cheese and dessert is served at the same time to speed up the service. (Bookings was very light, only about 1/3 of the cabin full).  Food tasted good and there is a large choice of nice bread. Breakfast was served about 1 hour before landing, containing 1 tray with a small portion of fresh fruit, small cold cuts and a choice of Crepe or Egg flan. Cabin crew were friendly and efficent but not more than that. Nice announcements from the captain.

I love the new Boeing 747-8, seating is very comfortable, nice layout and great seats. Airport handling in MEX and FRA were very professional and efficient. A good product, reliable and good value for money.


One thought on “LUFTHANSA

  1. Lutz K.

    I like your blog a lot. I am not happy with Lufthansa though. Managment promises 1000 things to the passengers and does not hold up to anything. Product and Staff are getting worse and worse. Sorry

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